About me

What is in this site?

It’s a site based on the medical treatment of the diseases with herbs and herbal ingredients. The contents are described in four pages and 38 posts. The posts have described the herbs’ remedy mentioning the names of diseases with the perfect doses. The herbs described are rosary pea, tellicherry, senna sophera, black night shade, negundo, Madagascer periwinkle, iron wood tree, Ispaghula, coriander, nutmeg tree, black berry, ajowan, winter cherry, devil’s cotton, prickly chaff flower, butterfly-pea, pigeon pea, Indian sarsaparilla, kontikeri, creat, pine apple, eagle wood, cotton tree, asparagus, henna, fennal, ginger, Dillenia, long pepper, nux vomica, Indian pennywort, olive, emblic myrobalan, chebulic myrobalan, turmeric, cinnamomum. The page ‘diseases vs herbs’ gives herbs’ suggestions to the respective diseases, the page ‘herb vs diseases’ chance to cast a look to know the uses of the respective herb in brief and the page ‘Important tips” suggest you how to make essence, sap, powder, etc.