Sunday, March 25, 2012

Bitter melon

Bitter melon
English name: Bitter melon
Scientific name: Momordica charantia L.
Usable part: fruits, leaves,
Lack of insulin due not to be grown or grown less than necessary in pancreas creates diabetes – type 1 and the patients are taken under doctor’s care to inject extra insulin. Bitter melons carry natural insulin which cures diabetes – type 1 and lessen the dependency of medicinal insulin to be injected from outside.
Diabetes - type2 attacks when the cells are not sensitive to the insulin grown in the pancreas. The chemical elements charantin, alkaloid, and saponin in bitter melons make the cells sensitive to the insulin and their p-insulin does the same as the insulin produced by the pancreas. As a result the glucose level in the blood is easily controlled and diabetes - type2 is protected.
The LDL and triglyceride in the blood when produced more than necessary cause arthrosclerosis which reduces the hollow space inside the blood vessels due to the formation of layers of fat and therefore many difficulties rise in the body. The unnecessary LDL may be deposited in the liver and also brings us many liver concerned diseases. Better melons control the LDL and triglyceride. By eating bitter melons regularly we may be saved from high blood pressure and heart diseases.
Bitter melons have the control over the catabolic functions of fat inside the body. Regular consumption of bitter melons enhances the catabolism of fat and prevents it to be stored in the body. Thus bitter melons reduce extra weight of the body.
Take 3 teaspoonful lukewarm sap of the leaves twice a day to cure rheumatism. This dose also cures allergy. For complete cure from allergy, the allergic food stuffs must be avoided.
Besides, it kills worms, reduces apositia (loathing for food), provides vitamin B-complex etc.
1-2 teaspoons sap of  Bitter melon,
3 teaspoons sap of leaves,                                                                                                              

Bringa raj

Wedelia chinensis
English name: Bringa raj
Scientific name: Wedelia chinensis
Useable parts: leaves, seeds, the whole herb
Trichoesis (hair diseases): Its sap when massaged on hairs blackens hairs, stiffen hair roots and removes rapid loss of hairs.
Neurasthenia (exhaustion of nerve force) is cured taking 25-30 gm drops of saps of the whole herbs with honey.
Its sap is a tonic for the body. The dose is 2-3 teaspoon sap of leaves with milk and taken twice a day.
Massaging of leaf sap on hair twice a day cures headache.
Dropsy is cured by taking 20-25 drops of leaf sap with milk 2-3 times a day.
Leaf sap 2-3 teaspoonfuls

Castor oil plant

Castor oil plant
English name: Castor oil plant
Scientific name: Ricinus communis
Useable part: tender root, leaves, seeds, seed oil,
Rheumaltalgia (rheumatic pain) can be cured by massaging 1-2 gm castor oil mixed with sea-salt on the infected area.  
Constipation is cured by taking 2-4 teaspoon sap or essence twice a day in empty stomach.
Nyctalopia (night-blindness) is cured by taking 10-12 gm leaves fried in ghee with lunch.
Dysuria is cured if one takes the essence of its tender root. The essence should be extracted from 15-20 gm tender root for one time dose and in the evening.
Dysentery and the consecutive pain is cured by taking the essence of new leaves of castor oil plant.
Root saps 2-4 teaspoonfuls, leaves 5-10 gm and seeds 4-5 gm,


English name: Garlic
Scientific name: Allium sativum L.
Usable part: rhizome, seeds,
Main uses: Cholesterol controlling, increasing immunity, curing rheumatism,
Garlic reduces the oxidation of lipoproteins and controls cholesterol by making LDL not to be oxidized and inactivating epoxidase enzyme in liver. It balances lipid between cellular tissue and blood.
The oxidation of LDL let the fat to amass on the inside wall of the veins, which causes a reduction hollow space in the veins. As a result blood is resisted to flow easily. This is called atherosclerosis. Garlic reduces the oxidation of LDL and stops atherosclerosis in the veins.
Garlic is the strongest antibiotic. It contains enough germanium, selenium, zinc, potassium, magnesium, vitamin A, B, C and D and therefore prevents diseases and generates immunity in the body.
Boil some threshed 2-3 pods of garlic in mustered oil as long as the garlic turns coppery. Take the garlic from the oil by filtering. Massage the rheumatism infected parts with lukewarm oil. To have better result continue massaging and eat garlic paste with ghee regularly up to it cures completely.
Boil some pods of garlic with 250 ml milk and eat the mixture to cure high pressure of blood. To have better result continue it for 4-5 months.
Boil 4-5 pods of garlic in 250 ml milk. Filter the milk and eat o cure spermaturia (presence semen in the urine). To have better prevention do the same regularly for 1-2 months. It also secures the youth.
Besides, garlic prevents cough and cold, continues blood circulation to the penis, produces sperms and keeps the prostate gland healthy. 

Globle thistle

Globle thistle
English name: Globle thistle
Scientific name: Sphaeranthus indicus
Usable parts: leaves, flowers, root,
Globle thistle is useful for skin diseases. 3 – 5 gm root powder taken two times a day with water cures skin diseases.
External use of the sap of globle thistle’s leaves stops bloodshed.
Swelling of prostate gland is brought to normal by taking the essence of the flower powder of globle thistle. For this put 5 – 7 gm flower powder into a cup of boiling water and filter the water to have the essence. Take the essence two times a day. The same dose also cures neurasthenia (exhaustion of nerve force).
The essence of the root of globle thistle taken twice a day with honey cures debility of stomach.
2 teaspoonful saps or essence of globle thistle plus a half-cup milk taken regularly with hot water equal to the amount of the essence and milk together cures dysuria (suppression or difficulty in voiding urine).
Globle thistle powder taken by 2 gm twice a day with stale rice removes bad odour of the body.
External use of its sap loses the greyishness of hair, cures rapid hair loss and tightens the women’s breasts.
Root powder: 2-7 gm, flower powder: 5-7 gm, leaf powder:2-3 gm,

Nut grass

Nut grass
English name: Nut grass
Scientific name: Cyperus rotundus
Usaeable part: root
The essence of nut grass is an important herbal element to protect dysentery with pain.
Boil 4-5 gm threshed green nut grass with 4 cups of water until the water reduces to one cup. Filter the water which we call essence and take it in 4 times to cure fever and thirst.
When your hands and legs feel burning sensation, cure it by smearing the sap of nut grass.
Epilepsy is cured by taking a teaspoon sap or essence of nut grass with 4 cups of milk.
Pyorrhea is cured if you keep diluted sap of nut grass into the oral cavity. Do it as long as possible and as many times as possible.
Severe addiction to taking wine is removed by taking water boiled with nut grass.
It cures conjunctivitis. The essence of nut grass when dropped into eyes removes the reddishness of and cut the secretion of pus from eyes.
Besides, its sap can kill bacteria, helps blood solidification and stops bloodshed, produces new healthy cells in the body, helps reformation of tissues, heals ulcer and prevents immature decrepitude.


English name: Phyllanthus
Scientific name: Phyllanthus niruri
Usable parts: the whole herb,
It is the great remedy of jaundice. The sap of 25-30 gm green phyllanthus taken twice a day with honey or sugar in empty stomach cures jaundice.
2 teaspoonful powder of phyllanthus taken regularly twice a day with water cures dysuria (suppression or difficulty in voiding urine).
Gonorrhea and inflation of urinary bladder can be cured by taking 1-2  teaspoonful powder of phyllanthus 2-3 times a day with water of green coconut.
White gum of phyllanthus is used to cure ulcer secreting bad odour and the sap extracted from its root cures hiccup when taken with sugar.
1-2 teaspoon sap of the whole herb

Serpentine root

Serpentine root

English name: Serpentine root
Scientific name: Rauvolfia serpentine
Usable part: root
 It cures systolic pressure. 100 – 200 ml root powder taken 1-2 times with water normalizes the systolic pressure and remove insomnia.
Insanity (madness) and hysteria can be cured by taking 200 – 250 mg root powder with milk and sugar. The dose is to be taken 1-2 times a day.
Besides, it is anti-intoxicated, vermicidal and used as a tonic. It cures belly-ache when taken with milk. It kills the poisoning due to snake venom, removes dim vision and cures depression and mental diseases.

Sweet flag

Sweet flag
English name: Sweet flag
Scientific name: Acorus calamus
Useable part: Rhizome                              
Indigestion and abdominal emphysema is cured if one takes 1 gm rhizome with equal amount of ajowan, and water rock salt twice a day for 15 – 20 days.
500 mg rhizome licked with honey 2 – 3 times a day for 15 – 20 days cures asthma.
250 - 500 mg rhizome powder licked with honey 2 – 3 times a day for 1 – 2 months cures dieresis (copious flow of urine).
Ventrosity (corpulence) is cured by licking 500 mg rhizome with honey for many days.
Cough and throat pain is cured if one takes 500 mg rhizome with equal amount of ginger powder and honey.
Urticaris (a red eruption on the skin) is cured by coating the infected area with the paste of sweet flag.
If one’s ears are ringing and feel pain, let some drops of sweet flag sap fall into ears which will cure both ringing and pain.
Besides, sweet flag acts as an antibechic (relieving cough) and antalgic (relieving pain) and cures stomach windiness, diarrhoea, asthma, bronchitis, apositia (loathing for food), etc.
500 mg 1 gm rhizome,

Wood apple

Wood apple

English name: Wood apple
Scientific name: Aegle marmelos
Useable parts: fruit, flowers, leaves, the bark of root,
Dysentery and diarrhoea are cured by by taking 3 – 5 gm dried wood apple powder or young wood apple powder with cold water at 6 hour intervals.
The drink of 30 – 35 gm ripe wood apple taken twice a day at least for 5 – 10 days removes constipation.
3-4 teaspoon essence of leaves taken at 6 hour intervals cures influenza.
The drink of 30 – 35 gm ripe wood apple taken twice a day removes the debility of heart, brain and stomach.
2-3 gm root bark powder taken twice a day with ghee or honey cures spermacrisia (the weakness of semen).
Dropsy and jaundice are cured by taking wood apple with black pepper powder.
Sugar level of blood is lowered by taking the sap of root bark. It also cures pain of heart and stomach.
3-5 gm dry wood apple, 30-35 ripe wood apple,
The leaves of wood apple occur abortion and destroy women’s fertility. The bark causes fish-poisoning. It’ tannin creates cancer and lack of nourishment.