Herb vs diseases

English name: Asoka
Scientific name: Saraca asoca
Usable parts: bark, seeds, leaves,
Remedy: dysentery, piles, syphilis, diabetes, excessive menses, leucorrhea, etc.

English name:Indian sarsaparilla
Scientific name: Hemidesmus indicus
Usable parts: root, leaves and the whole herb.
It cures blood poisoning, dysuria, burning sensation of the skin, etc.

English name: Arjuna
Scientific nameTerminalia arjuna
Usable parts: bark, fruit, leaves,
It cures high pressure, asthma, acne, blister, sore, loathing for sex, indigestion, gonorrhea, leucorrhoea, blood dysentery, inflammation of liver and serves as a tonic for the heart.

 English name: Pigeon pea
Scientific name: Cajanus cajan
Usable parts: seeds, leaves,
It acts as antifebrile and effective against piles, jaundice, diabetes, dropsy, blood poisoning, rheumatism, venoms of snake, etc.

English name: winter cherry
Scientific name: Withania somnifera
Usable parts: root, fruit, leaves,
It acts as tonic and effective against neurasthenia, physical weakness, weakness due to decrepitude.

English name: ginger
Scientific name: Zingiber officinale

Usable parts: rhysome

It cures loathing for food, want of appetite, vomiting, rheumatism and arthritis, ear-ache, inertia of tongue and voice, cough, antigen for bacteria, fungi and germs, dysentery and prevents blood-letting.

English name: emblic myrobalan
Scientific name: Phyllanthus emblica
Usable parts: fruit, root, bark, leaves
It is digestive, antiemetic, tonic for heart and brain, an ideal source of vitamin C, B-1, B-2, and used for diarrhea, dysentery, hair loss, diabetes, sleeplessness, conjunctivitis,     vomiting, gonorrhea, etc.

English name: Pine apple
Scientific name: Ananus sativus Schulttes
Usable parts: leaves, fruit,
It is a vermifuge and tonic for heart, liver and stomach, antidysuric,  etc.

English name: Devil’s cotton
Scientific name: Abroma augusta
Useable parts: The whole herb.
It cures amenorrhoea, painful menses with feeble and black menstruation, severe pain in the waist and breasts, gonorrhea and leucorrhoea, pains and nervousness, immature decrepitude.
English name: Ispagula
Scientific name: Plantago ovata
Useable parts: seeds and husk,
It prevents piles, chronic dysentery, dysuria, difficulty in voiding urine, dry cold, belly-ache, chronic diarrhea, burning sensation of skin, urinary inflammation, calculosis (presence of stone)

English name: Butterfly-pea
Scientific name: Clitoria ternatea 
Useable parts: The whole herb
It cures rheumatism and arthritis, dysuria, cough and chronic bronchitis, stomach-ache, constipation, etc.

English name: Coriander
Scientific name: Coriander sativum          
Useable parts: The whole herb
It cures dipsosia, indigestion and abdominal emphysema, insomnia, blood-pressure, hiccup, constipation, fever, inflammation, worms, belly-ache, vomiting, dysentery, diarrhea, allergy, piles, jaundice, etc.

English name: eagle wood
Scientific name: Aquilaria agallocha

Usable parts: wood and oil
It is digestive, antirheumatic, antiemetic, and tonic for heart, brain and nervous system. It also used for developing the nervous and sexual power, to cure skin diseases, asthma, weakness of heart and brain, etc.

English name: Iron wood   tree                                    
Scientific name: Hesua nagassarium 

Useable parts: flowers

It cures dysuria (suppression in voiding urine), rheumatic fever, dysentery, belly-ache, diaphoresis (increased sweat), piles, etc and removes cough.

English name: Madagascar periwinkle                             Scientific name: Catharanthus roseus 
Useable parts: the whole herb
It cures Leucorrhoea, high blood pressure, sores, diabetes, cancer, tumours and children’s leucoma (a dense opacity of the cornea of the eyes.

English name is Negundo. 
Scientific name is Vitex negundo L.Useable parts is leaves and seeds. It cures rheumatoid arthritis and gout, tumours, vermes, influenza, irregular and feeble menstruation (menses), fever with vomiting and severe thirst.

 English name: Carrot
Scientific name: Daucus carota
Usable parts: Root and seeds,
It mitigates the physical and nervous weakness, reduces the involuntary seminal discharge and sexual weakness, increases the power of remembrance and cures nyctalopic (night blind) and spermacrisia (scantiness of semen).It can also kill the pregnancy. 

English name: Emblic myrobalan
Scientific name: Phyllanthus emblica 
Usable part: fruit, bark, root and leaves
It cures indigestion and vomiting, debility of heart and brain, trichoesis (hair diseases), urinary diseases, insomnia (lack of sleep), anopia (want of sight). It also cures onset and chronic indigestion with gullet-burn and heartburn, dysentery, jaundice, diarrhea, conjunctivitis, syphilis. 

English name: Turmeric
Scientific name: Curcuma longa 
Usable part: Rhizome 
It cures liver debility and jaundice, scabies, allergy, urinary burning sensation and saliva discharging gonorrhea. It is used as vermicide (wormicide) and antidysuric (a remedy against difficulty of urination), antibechic (relieving cough), anti-allergic. It eases the dejection (alvine discharge) and reduces dyspnoea (breathing trouble).

English name: Olive

Scientific name: Olea europeae
Usable parts: flowers, leaves and oil.
It reduces the probability of heart diseases, brain stroke and put sugar level of the blood down, prevents the formation of biliary stones, saves from prostate cancer, uterus cancer and colon cancer and turns the high blood pressure to the normal.Its oil cures constipation and headache. The external application of olive oil makes the skin bright and fresh.

English name: Indian Pennywort 
Scientific name: Centella asiatica
Useable part: The whole herb
It cures dysentery, rapid loss of hair, headache, the diseases of kidney and urinary system, increases digestive power and physical graces and reduces nervous weakness.

English name: Long pepper
Scientific name: Piper longum L.
Useable organs: Seed and root,
It cures indigestions and abdominal emphysema, cough and asthma and fat degeneration and increases liver’s and spleen’s functions, appetite (desire for food) and blood corpuscles of a progenitress.

English name:   Fennel                                                  
Scientific name: Foeniculum vulgare Mill
Usable parts: root, seeds, leaves,
It causes easy discharge of menses, reduces headache, arthritics and rheumatic fever, indigestion and stomach windiness and cures the inflammation of mouth hole. 

English name: Dillenia
Scientific name: Dillenia indica Linn.
Usable parts: Fruit leaf and bark of root,
It cures indigestion and stomach weakness, physical debility, spermacrisia, rapid loss of hair and food poisoning.

English name:   Henna                                                  
Scientific name: Lawsonia inermis L
Useable parts: root, seeds, leaves, bark, flowers,
It cures gonorrhea, leucorrhea, dandruff, and hair loss, skin diseases, pyorrhea, and conjunctivitis, sore and burning sensation of the skin. 

English name: Asparagus                                               
Scientific name: Asparagus recemosus Wild
Useable parts: rhizome
It cures gonorrhea, spermatorrhea, dysuria (difficulty in urination), and burning sensation of urination, haemorrhage, and leucorrhea.