Friday, November 25, 2011



English name:   Henna                                                  

Scientific name: Lawsonia inermis  L

Useable parts: root, seeds, leaves, bark, flowers,


1) Gonorrhea is cured by two teaspoonfuls of its sap two times a day with sugar. The same dose is used to cure leucorrhea.

2) External use of its essence with chebulic myrobalan reduces hair loss and immature hair graying and removes dandruff. External use of its paste also cures whitlow and sore between fingers.

3) Its sap when smeared or its paste when coated over the skin cures skin diseases.

4) It reduces discharge of pus from the ears. For this its essence or its oil should be dropped into ear holes.

5) It cures pyorrhoea from the gum.

6) Conjunctivitis is cured by using its diluted essence as eyewash.

7) Gargling with its diluted essence cures the sore of mouth hole and gullet.

Design with henna
8)External use of its sap removes the burning sensation of skin.


Sap of leaves: 2 spoonfuls

Leaves: 5-10 gm,