Saturday, December 10, 2011


English name: Butterfly-pea

Scientific name: Clitoria ternatea L.
Useable parts: The whole herb.

 1)   5oo mg root crush of Butterfly-pea plus1 gm ginger crush taken twice a day for 15-20 with lukewarm water cures rheumatism and arthritis.
 2)   2 gm seed crush of Butterfly plus1 gm fennel crush taken before sleeping with lukewarm water removes constipation.
 3)   Essence extracted from 10-15 gm bark of root cures dysuria (difficulty in voiding urine) when taken twice a day.
          4)  1 gm leaves crush of Butterfly-pea plus1 gm ajowan crush and500               mg rock salt taken 2-3 times a day after diet cures belly-ache.
          5)    The sap of its root taken with milk cures cough and chronic                          bronchitis. The sap is also useful against fever and stomach-ache.
          6)   The essence extracted from of its root is useful for urinary bladder               urethra.
500mg root crush,
2 gm seed crush,
10-15 gm bark
1gm leaves crush
 Precaution: none