Saturday, December 17, 2011

Iron wood   tree   

Iron wood   tree   
English name:Iron wood tree
Scientific name: Hesua nagassarium (Burm. F.)
Useable parts: flowers
        3 gm flower powder mixed with ajowan powder taken twice a day after diets acts as a tonic for liver and stomach.
        The sap of its undried flower taken with honey or sugar in the morning cures piles.
Iron wood   flower   
        It also cures dysuria (suppression in voiding urine). For this put 10-12 gm of its undried chopped flowers into one glass of water and keep for 4-5 hours. Heat the water with flower pieces until it begins just to boil. Mix honey with the water separated from flower pieces to drink.
        Besides, it is used to cure rheumatic fever, burning sensation of the anal canal and with ginger to cure diaphoresis (increased sweat). Its fruit are used to cure belly-ache and remove cough. Its buds are used to cure dysentery.
3-12gm powder of its flower
Excessive doses may produce burning sensation of the body.