Sunday, March 25, 2012

Nut grass

Nut grass
English name: Nut grass
Scientific name: Cyperus rotundus
Usaeable part: root
The essence of nut grass is an important herbal element to protect dysentery with pain.
Boil 4-5 gm threshed green nut grass with 4 cups of water until the water reduces to one cup. Filter the water which we call essence and take it in 4 times to cure fever and thirst.
When your hands and legs feel burning sensation, cure it by smearing the sap of nut grass.
Epilepsy is cured by taking a teaspoon sap or essence of nut grass with 4 cups of milk.
Pyorrhea is cured if you keep diluted sap of nut grass into the oral cavity. Do it as long as possible and as many times as possible.
Severe addiction to taking wine is removed by taking water boiled with nut grass.
It cures conjunctivitis. The essence of nut grass when dropped into eyes removes the reddishness of and cut the secretion of pus from eyes.
Besides, its sap can kill bacteria, helps blood solidification and stops bloodshed, produces new healthy cells in the body, helps reformation of tissues, heals ulcer and prevents immature decrepitude.