Sunday, March 25, 2012


English name: Phyllanthus
Scientific name: Phyllanthus niruri
Usable parts: the whole herb,
It is the great remedy of jaundice. The sap of 25-30 gm green phyllanthus taken twice a day with honey or sugar in empty stomach cures jaundice.
2 teaspoonful powder of phyllanthus taken regularly twice a day with water cures dysuria (suppression or difficulty in voiding urine).
Gonorrhea and inflation of urinary bladder can be cured by taking 1-2  teaspoonful powder of phyllanthus 2-3 times a day with water of green coconut.
White gum of phyllanthus is used to cure ulcer secreting bad odour and the sap extracted from its root cures hiccup when taken with sugar.
1-2 teaspoon sap of the whole herb