Sunday, March 25, 2012

Bitter melon

Bitter melon
English name: Bitter melon
Scientific name: Momordica charantia L.
Usable part: fruits, leaves,
Lack of insulin due not to be grown or grown less than necessary in pancreas creates diabetes – type 1 and the patients are taken under doctor’s care to inject extra insulin. Bitter melons carry natural insulin which cures diabetes – type 1 and lessen the dependency of medicinal insulin to be injected from outside.
Diabetes - type2 attacks when the cells are not sensitive to the insulin grown in the pancreas. The chemical elements charantin, alkaloid, and saponin in bitter melons make the cells sensitive to the insulin and their p-insulin does the same as the insulin produced by the pancreas. As a result the glucose level in the blood is easily controlled and diabetes - type2 is protected.
The LDL and triglyceride in the blood when produced more than necessary cause arthrosclerosis which reduces the hollow space inside the blood vessels due to the formation of layers of fat and therefore many difficulties rise in the body. The unnecessary LDL may be deposited in the liver and also brings us many liver concerned diseases. Better melons control the LDL and triglyceride. By eating bitter melons regularly we may be saved from high blood pressure and heart diseases.
Bitter melons have the control over the catabolic functions of fat inside the body. Regular consumption of bitter melons enhances the catabolism of fat and prevents it to be stored in the body. Thus bitter melons reduce extra weight of the body.
Take 3 teaspoonful lukewarm sap of the leaves twice a day to cure rheumatism. This dose also cures allergy. For complete cure from allergy, the allergic food stuffs must be avoided.
Besides, it kills worms, reduces apositia (loathing for food), provides vitamin B-complex etc.
1-2 teaspoons sap of  Bitter melon,
3 teaspoons sap of leaves,