Sunday, March 25, 2012

Globle thistle

Globle thistle
English name: Globle thistle
Scientific name: Sphaeranthus indicus
Usable parts: leaves, flowers, root,
Globle thistle is useful for skin diseases. 3 – 5 gm root powder taken two times a day with water cures skin diseases.
External use of the sap of globle thistle’s leaves stops bloodshed.
Swelling of prostate gland is brought to normal by taking the essence of the flower powder of globle thistle. For this put 5 – 7 gm flower powder into a cup of boiling water and filter the water to have the essence. Take the essence two times a day. The same dose also cures neurasthenia (exhaustion of nerve force).
The essence of the root of globle thistle taken twice a day with honey cures debility of stomach.
2 teaspoonful saps or essence of globle thistle plus a half-cup milk taken regularly with hot water equal to the amount of the essence and milk together cures dysuria (suppression or difficulty in voiding urine).
Globle thistle powder taken by 2 gm twice a day with stale rice removes bad odour of the body.
External use of its sap loses the greyishness of hair, cures rapid hair loss and tightens the women’s breasts.
Root powder: 2-7 gm, flower powder: 5-7 gm, leaf powder:2-3 gm,