Friday, November 25, 2011


English name: Carrot

Scientific name: Daucus carota Linn. Var sativa DC.

Usable parts: Root and seeds,
1)   Physical and nervous decomposition: Regular use of 100-200 gm sliced carrot taken twice a day for 10- 20 days mitigates the physical and nervous weakness.
2)   Spermatozoid and sexual decomposition: 1 gm of carrot seed crush plus 2 gm tamarind seed crush taken twice a day for 15- 20 days reduces the involuntary seminal discharge and sexual weakness.
3)   Porridge made by carrot with milk and sugar increases power of remembrance and cures diseases caused due to the lack of vitamins. This also cures nyctalopic (night blind).
4)   Its paste removes the pain of sprained area.
5)   Tea of carrot seed can kill the pregnancy within 5-6 days. It’s scientifically proved and has been experienced for years.
Besides, it acts as a tonic for nerve and sex. It also cures spermacrisia (scantiness of semen).

Dos therapy: Its slice looks like iris and pupil. So it’s useful for eyes.

Seed: 2 gm,

Root: 100-200 gm,

Precaution: None