Monday, November 21, 2011



English name: Cinnamomum  
Scientific name: Cinnamomum  zeylanicum Breyn.
 1) The skin’s glance can be increased by drinking its tea or decoction and by smearing the paste made of 2 gm cinnamomum, a handful of grass and unboiled turmeric.

     2) To cure freckles drink its tea and smear the paste made of cinnamomum and milk-film.
     3) Decoction of cinnamomum, clove, and ginger cure influenza.
Besides, it is useful against stomach diseases, vomiting, catarrh (mucus secretion through noses especially due to cold), cough, dysentery. It is also used as wormicide (killer of intestinal worms).
Dos therapy:
 Cinnamomum bark
It is similar to our skin. It contains uzenol which is used as germicide. So it prevents any skin diseases and brightens the skin glance as well. For skin both internal external uses are necessary.

Powder: 1-2 gm,
Mother tincture: 5-6 drops,
Precaution: None.