Saturday, November 26, 2011

Cotton tree

Cotton tree  

English name: Cotton tree                                     Scientific name: Bombax ceiba.L
Usable parts: root, seeds, flowers, bark, tannin,
7-12 gm root powder plus equal amount of sugar swallowed 1-2 times with milk solidifies the semen and removes physical weakness.    A glass of water in which 6-7 leaves are kneaded can reduces the severe thrust for water when taken 3-4 times at 2-3 hours intervals.
Dos therapy:

Its root looks like penis. Its powder cures any problem arisen in the penis and sexual disorders. It must be noticed that root must be collected from the cotton trees aged by less than two years.


17-10 gm powder,1-2 gm dry tannin,

Precaution: Sugar and asparagus should be added for those who like hot.