Saturday, November 26, 2011


Yellow berried night shade
English name: Yellow berried night shade (Kontikeri)
Scientific name: Solanum surattense Burn. 

Useable parts: leaves flowers and root,
 1)   Boil 10 gm of its leaves in 8 cups of water until the water    is reduced to a half and cook pigeon-pea with the water. Eat  the pea cooked to cure cough.

2)  Take 10 gm of its root with a pinch of asafoetida to cure asthma.

Yellow berried night shade
3)   External application of its oil cures sores between fingers.
4) Take kontikeri and horse radish by equal amount to make paste. Coat the paste over infected area to cure gout


10 gm leaves or 10 gm root

Mother tincture: Each time 10 drops with water,

Precaution: none