Thursday, November 24, 2011


Olive tree

English name: Olive 
Scientific name: Olea europeae
Usable parts: flowers, leaves and oil.
It contains oleic acid which is one kind of fatty acid. Oleic acid turns the LDL (cholesterol harmful for the body) level down and keeps the HDL level unchanged (cholesterol useful for the body). The oxidation of LDL forms a layer inside blood vessels to make the hollow canal narrower which prevents the blood flow or make it slow. This causes stroke or heart-attack. So, regular swallow of olive oil reduces the probability of heart diseases and brain stroke.

Olive oil emits the bile and the pancreatic hormone more than any other synthetic medicines. It prevents the formation of biliary stones. For this lemon juice is necessary with olive oil.

 Phenolic compounds of olive oil and vitamin-E function as anti-oxidants which prevents the effect of free-radicals. As a result there remains no probability of cancer. If it is one of the items the menu of daily meals, one can easily be saved from prostate cancer, uterus cancer and colon cancer. 

 Its poly-phenolic compounds swell the wall of blood vessels to normalize the blood flow which reduces the high blood pressure to the normal.

Olive oil cures constipation when eaten with hot tea or hot milk.  Olive oil is anti-inflammatic and useful to cure headache. Continuous bad headache can be cured by adding olive oil with salad or with meals.

It helps to discharge stool from the colon. The storage of stool in the colon causes headache. It is quite free from side effect and no risky for the stomach. So it is safer than any other medicines for headache.
Olive tree
The external application of olive oil makes the skin bright and fresh.

It reduces the sugar level of the blood to the standard. So eat its leaves to cure diabetes.

Besides, its leaves are slightly diuretic (producing urine) and is used to cure cystitis diseases. It is nutritious and helps to balance the fat in the blood.
Dos therapy: Its shape is similar to the uterus. So both its leaves and fruit keep the uterus and the reproductive function of females fit.
Two times a day, each time 1 teaspoon oil,
Precaution: none