Friday, November 25, 2011


English name: Ginger
Scientific name: Zingiber officinale Rose.
Usable organ: Rhizome,
1)   Anorexia and apositia: Chewing of ginger with sea salt before diet reduces the loathing for food after the diet reduces want of appetite. The dose is twice a day for 15-20 days.
2)   Vomiting: It cures vomiting and reduces vomiting sensation of progenitress.
3)   Cancer: Its chemical element zingerol cures ovary and colon cancer.
4)   Rheumatism and arthritis: Zingerol kills the activities of inflammatory factors NF-KB, COX, and LOX and thus reduces gout and rheumatic pain. For this ginger oil is externally used 3 times a day continuously over 15- 20 days.
5)   Ear-ache: Mildly hot sap of ginger when poured into ear cures ear-ache.
6)   It cures cold, reduces inertia of tongue and voice and removes cough when its cut is sucked like a chocolate. When you see that you catch cold or some symptoms of it, apply this and you will see cold or any of its symptoms will be no more present.
7)   It acts as an antigen (antidote). It fights against bacteria fungi, germs.
8)   External use of its powder prevents blood-letting and internal use with hot water cures dysentery.
2-3 tea spoonfuls of its sap
Precaution: Excessive doses may create headache.