Thursday, November 24, 2011

Chebulic myrobalan

Chebulic myrobalan
English name: Chebulic myrobalan

Scientific name: Terminalia chebula Rety
Usable part: Fruit and fruit rind,
1)   Indigestions and abdominal emphysema: 5-6 gm ground rind with black salt and water, three times a day after diet reduces stomach swelling and increases digestive power.
 2)   5-6 gm ground rind mixed with equal amount of sugar cures costiveness especially of a progenitress (a mother recently delivered of a child).
 3)   Chebulic myrobalan, belliric myrobalan, emblic myrobalan mixed at the same ratio function as an infallible medicine to control cholesterol. Chebulic myrobalan is most effective to get the cholesterol level down. Among all herbs Chebulic myrobalan stands first for herbal quality, emblic myrobalan second and belliric myrobalan third. This is also used as hepalolienal (of liver and spleen).
 5)   Swallow of ground rind of chebulic myrobalan with water cures hiccup. 3- 4 times a day, each time 5 gm powder.
 6)   Piles are cured by internal application Chebulic myrobalan with an equal amount of buttermilk and a pinch sea-salt.
 7)   Inhaling chebulic myrobalan burnt smoke decreases asthma.
 8)   Aphonia (loss of voice) turns normal by licking ground Chebulic myrobalan and nut grass with honey.
Chebulic myrobalan seeds
 Besides, it is used as astringent (medicine used to contract muscular fiber and constrict vessels restrain discharge) antidiarrhoeic (that remove diarrhea), digestive, antibiotic, diuretic (that increases urine), active laxative, anti ulcerative, It also cures opthalmopathy(any of eye diseases), dermatosis(any of skin diseases) cardiokinet(exciting heart action). Gargling and washing mouth by hot water mixed with a few drops of its mother tincture removes bad odor from breathing, bitter taste and loathing for food.
 Doses: 3-6 gm ground fruit,
  Precaution: Excessive dose does harms to intestines.