Friday, November 25, 2011



English name:   Fennel                                                  

Scientific name: Foeniculum  vulgare  Mill
Usable parts: root, seeds, leaves,
1) 4-5 gm seeds chewing twice a day after diet is enough to discharge the gas formed in the stomach.

2) 4-5 gm seed crush taken in the morning in an empty stomach and at night before the diet with water causes easy discharge of menses.

3) 5-7 gm seed crush taken twice a day after diet functions as an anti- astringent.

4) Seed oil reduces headache arthritics and rheumatic fever.

5) 5 gm seed crush swallowed twice a day with water after diet cures indigestion and stomach windiness.

6) Gargling with its essence cures sores of the throat and tongue and its internal application also cures the inflammation of mouth hole.

7) It relieves the vaginal pain and induces the secretion of milk.


4-5 gm seed crush,

Mother tincture: 3-4 drops with water, 4 times a day.

Precaution: Excessive doses sometimes may be harmful for.